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Caring For Your Bouquet

Some flowers and foliage may be toxic or cause skin irritation. Take care when handling them (washing your hands carefully afterwards) and keep them away from children or pets.

Be careful not to place flowers or plants directly onto unprotected surfaces or electrical equipment, as they invariably contain water.

Flowers should be kept in a cool location, away from sunlight, direct heat or draughts. Use the flower food provided and keep them topped up with fresh water.
Take care when removing any packaging, especially cellophane. This often contains water, which we have added to keep your flowers fresher (simple tip, pierce the packaging and drain the water into a sink).

If the flowers are tied, be careful not to cut the tie. They have been specially arranged and are ready to go straight into a vase - untying them may spoil the arrangement.

Cut the stems of the flowers - use a sharp knife if possible (scissors may crush the stem) and cut the stems at an angle, about 3/42 above the end.

Next, place the flowers in deep water for an hour prior to arranging them in a vase of clean water (with flower food, if available). This will ensure that the flowers last as long as possible.
If a rose head starts to "flop" or droop, wrap the stem in paper to help straighten it, re-cut the stem and plunge into 2" of boiling water for a minute. Then place in deep, cold water. This should help revive it (just be careful handling the rose after the boiling water).
The pollen from the lily stamens can cause serious stains in clothing and damage wooden surfaces. You should remove any stamens carefully (quick tip, hold a tissue below the stamen, then with a scissors snip below the head, letting it drop onto the tissue).
Most plants enjoy the light - but not direct sunlight. They also enjoy consistent temperature - keep them away from draughts, col;d and direct heat.
These flourish in a warm location - and will need to be fed every two weeks during Spring/Summer. Keep the soil moist, but avoid over-watering (especially in winter, when there is little growth).
These need to be watered more regularly. During flowering, you should water daily to keep the soil moist - and feed every fortnight.
Always should be kept at a constant temperature with good light. Keep them moist (without becoming water-logged) and feed once a fortnight in Spring/Summer.
Where the flowers are arranged in foam, you should top up the container daily with sufficient water to keep the foam moist.

Choosing the right bouquet

Choosing the right floral bouquet for your wedding is an important part of completing the look you are after.
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